How many meetings should a business calendar have? For the smooth running of your business with a whole team, you need a meeting every day, no matter what industry your company is in. A daily stand-up meeting is a brief gathering of a team to discuss and coordinate various tasks.

However, the meeting should be effective, leading to more productivity in the business. We are presenting here 7 tips to make your daily stand-up meeting more effective. Let’s have a look!

  1. Set a Meeting Time Limit

A daily stand-up meeting is a short and brief meeting with a 15–20-minute schedule. You must set a time limit for the meeting in consultation with your team and stick to that specified time. This will keep all office team members on track and pace, and the team will know in advance when the meeting will take place and for how long. 

  1. Employees Arrive at the Meeting With Discussion Points

As a team member, you should always be present in a daily stand-up meeting with your discussion points so as not to waste time thinking about which point to talk about, and the conversation can be as productive as possible. This applies to daily stand-up meetings and all types of meetings. In the meeting, which attendee has to talk on which topic, the attendees should decide in advance.

  1. Keep Your Team Engaged

If your stand-up meeting is about to start, but you feel a lack of enthusiasm within your team, in that case, you need to warm up the meeting with some fun activity of 1-2 minutes. This will help the team build the right mindset for the meeting and focus on the meeting.

The team will have a spirit that will enable them to focus on the meeting. If your team is working remotely and there is a great need for a team-building activity, this strategy will come in handy for motivating the team.

  1. Make Your Stand-up Meeting Fun

As a stand-up meeting is a short meeting held for better communication throughout the team and day-to-day business discussion, do not include any topic that scares your entire team in the meeting. Make the meeting fun, which can motivate the team. And also discuss the important plan of the business. By doing this, the stand-up meeting will be very effective.

  1. Signal the Meeting End

Just as you announce the beginning of the stand-up meeting, you should also announce the end of the meeting. Adopt great ways to energize employees after the meeting, so they can get back to work and focus on their work. Share some light-hearted jokes and encouraging comments on the team. This will create energy in the employees.

  1. Keep the Meeting Small

As the stand-up meeting is short, it would not be smart to involve too many attendees in the meeting. A maximum of 15 attendees should be kept in the meeting. This is because it takes time to start and end a meeting. If more attendees are involved, it will not be possible for the office manager to talk to everyone in less time, and not every attendee will be able to keep their points in the meeting.

  1. Allow Equal Time to Speak

In the formal meeting, give equal time to every attendee to make their point. No one should be allowed to dominate a conversation in a meeting. Attendees should be encouraged to make their point concisely so that everyone has a chance to make their point.

While giving his speech, the attendee should be told that he should keep his point briefly by following a specified time. Even if he runs out of time while speaking, let him know and give the other attendees a chance to talk.



A daily stand-up meeting ensures productivity, work stream, and better communication with team members. Hence, it should be well organized. Our 7 tips to make your daily stand-up meeting more effective will guide you in adopting proper techniques in stand-up meetings.