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How to Avoid a $4,000,000 Commitment

If you’re paying a Salesforce engineer or developer to work fulltime in the U.S., you’re probably committed to overhead of $200,000 or more per individual—not to mention that you may need to multiply this cost over a team of 20 or more. But what if you could gain that same skillset, with the same productivity and business continuity as if they were working directly at your location, but for a fraction of that capital investment?

If you’ve had negative experiences with traditional outsourcing models, it’s understandable that you might be skeptical, but here’s why our approach is different:

With traditional outsourcing, you have very little control over the team structure and the resources involved. Most models might provide an onshore manager, but offer very little contact with the remote team involved. In short, you don’t really know what’s happening from day-to-day.

With the ArrowCore model,  we provide the talent recruitment process, but you control the ultimate hiring decisions. And we employ a “captive” onboarding process. This means we come to your location for an extensive discovery. We learn your project parameters, your goals, your internal procedures and processes, and just as important—your team culture. We transform what we learn into a customized, highly-interactive combination of video and live training materials for the development resources directly committed to your project. Basically, our team is onboarded through a process developed at its core to make them an extension of your team.

Your new resources will think, act and communicate as though they were internal employees, extending your internal teams’ capabilities and helping them to do their jobs better. And they’re doing it through a state-of-the-art global delivery center. This center is equipped with enterprise-level physical and world-class cyber security, combined with fantastic amenities to create an advanced workspace that attracts high-tech talent.

Our team structures are designed to fluidly integrate internal and remote teams. Here’s a typical example of what that team structure can look like:



We handle the hiring process, the administration and the physical infrastructure. You focus on the strategic vision and the leadership needed to carve out your stake in the marketplace.

Looking over these teams, and the internal resources required if you source everything through internal permanent hires, what would you be spending? $200,000 x 10, 15, 20? With ArrowCore, you could cut these expenses in half. You’ll also be working with a partner that has development and administration expertise goes well beyond traditional staffing. We utilize technologies such as CRM and machine learning platforms, web and mobile app development, and testing.

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