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Cloud Services

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We know remote teams because the Cloud is where we live

ArrowCore can provide senior Cloud Services expertise for typically a fraction of the cost of hiring similar resources internally. We can help you stand up a team for Cloud Engineering, Cloud Architecture and Cloud Delivery. We provide talent that’s fluent in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud. Quite simply, what do you want to build today?

How it works

After extensive discovery period to learn your culture, your processes, your team structure, and of course, the parameters of your projects and business goals, we can put together a cloud team to report directly to your location to work with your senior developers and architects. A Cloud manager will act as a liaison between teams while Cloud personal build a development environment to seamlessly integrate remote teams to the point where they’re almost in the next room.

Cloud services include:

  • Creation of massively scalable applications, APIs and infrastructure
  • Data center migration to public, private and hybrid environments
  • Setup for internal or external products, CRM (SAP or Salesforce) in a cloud environment
  • Creation of extremely secure environments including identity and certification management and data transmission using Blockchain
  • Set up for business applications as a service
  • Development of robust AI and machine learning applications

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