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Shrink overhead while supporting solid customer relationships

Our Outsource Consulting Services enable you to provide a 24×7 service center to your customers, without a costly capital investment in infrastructure, full-time employees or unnecessary overtime. You can provide tech support, a fully-scalable call center or a range of other customized support options. Connect to our network and start delivering the support your customers deserve

ArrowCore Group Outsource Consulting Services in action:

  • For a game console manufacturer requiring crucial round-the-clock QA testing, ArrowCore Group successfully hired additional employees in both the US and India, balancing the workload across time zones.
  • For a telcom client burdened with after-hours, overtime payments for its internal IT staff, we set up a help desk overseas to provide much-needed tech support while eliminating inflated expenses.

ArrowCore Group has a unique onboarding methodology where we learn your products, processes and culture and then we impart that understanding onto the staff we provide so they can deliver the expertise, service and brand positioning as though they are an internal support team. From minor staffing requirements, to large-scale onsite project management, it’s the formula to liberate companies to focus on core competencies while ensuring customer loyalty remains strong.

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