IT outsourcing is leveraged by several organizations across the globe due to its several benefits like cost savings, expert assistance, diverse resources, and quicker time to market. One of the best advantages of IT outsourcing is that companies can hire outsourced teams from any part of the world.

India is one of the most significant players in IT outsourcing. Several countries around the world tie-up with organizations in India and outsource their projects to them. In a recent report, it was revealed that India’s IT outsourcing market value was INR 5,649.47 billion in 2019, and it is expected to be valued at INR 8,830.14 billion by 2025. There are several benefits of choosing India for IT outsourcing. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. A Massive and Diverse Resource Pool

India has a very young population base. With over 60% of the population belonging to the age groups of 15-64 years, India offers a vast pool of young, creative, and talented human resources. The numbers are huge; however, the quality of talent is excellent as well. The massively young resource pool offered by India is highly motivated, innovative, and can make significant business contributions, which can be really useful for organizations that outsource their projects to them. Also, India is the largest English-speaking nation in the world, which adds to the advantage of having a massive and diverse resource pool.

  1. Cost Savings

 There are multiple ways through which companies can save costs by outsourcing to India, such as:

  • Personnel costs
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Office costs

There is a lot of pricing flexibility in India. Usually, leveraging the services of a talented developer means one would have to pay at least USD 75 per hour. However, companies can find talented developers who charge as low as USD 15 per hour.

Along with that, the basic outsourcing benefits play a significant role as well. By outsourcing to India, companies don’t have to invest in infrastructure and offices for the newly hired team, which saves them a lot of money. These benefits, paired with the pricing flexibility, give companies a lot of room to save costs and manage their budget more efficiently.

  1. Seamless Communication

 Communication is not a barrier with Indian developers. As we discussed earlier, India is the largest English-speaking nation in the world. Also, many outsourcing teams in India offer round-the-clock services by taking their clients’ different time zones into account. As a result, communication is not a challenge. Companies can easily communicate with Indian developers via tools like Slack, Zoom, Skype, etc.

  1. High-Quality IT Infrastructure and Latest Technologies

 As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, Indian outsourcing teams offer exceptional IT infrastructure with the latest technologies. As a result, they are able to offer multiple solutions to their clients, ranging from mobile app development solutions to customized solutions, all with high-quality features.

India is one of the leading tech hubs of the world, with cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai leading the way. Hence, while outsourcing projects to teams in India, one can be sure that their projects will have superior IT infrastructures and will make use of the latest technologies.

  1. IT Supportive Governmental Policies

 The Indian Government is highly supportive of its IT industry and regards it as one of its top priorities. As a result, there are several policies that make outsourcing to India very beneficial. The Indian government often takes initiatives to promote India as a secure outsourcing destination and formulates policies that support these initiatives. In addition to tax-related benefits, India has strong policies for its cyber law implementation, which helps to ensure that all services are provided smoothly and securely. It reduces cyber-crime and makes the delivery of outsourced projects hassle-free.

  1. Dedicated and Hard-Working Professionals

 As we discussed earlier, the majority of the Indian workforce is youth-oriented. As a result, whenever you outsource your IT project to India, you leverage the services of a committed, sincere, and hardworking team of professionals.

These professionals provide immaculate services, on-time deliveries, high-quality products, innovative solutions, and creative business inputs with outstanding IT infrastructures and the latest technologies. In addition to this, they also provide extraordinary customer support around the clock. India is known worldwide for providing high-quality services to its international clients. Their committed and hard-working professionals make that possible.


Outsourcing is a popular and highly advantageous option for businesses all across the globe. With its exceptional benefits, it enables organizations to reduce their costs and increase their returns on investment (ROI) while accomplishing their business goals.

However, it is important for organizations to do thorough research before outsourcing to a foreign team. If companies don’t communicate properly or evaluate a team’s portfolio before handing over their project, they can end up being victims of fraud events as well. Hence, leaders must evaluate all of their options before outsourcing to a team.

India is a widely known destination for IT outsourcing. Due to all of the reasons mentioned in this article, multiple companies from several countries all across the globe outsource their IT projects to Indian teams. Outstanding services offered by outsourcing teams in India help organizations to achieve their business goals in time, reduce the time to market for their products, provide high-quality solutions to their clients and build a good market reputation.