You can make a promising career in technology if you have good technical knowledge. With the advancement of technology, today, technology has opened the door of opportunity for youths to build better careers. People who have obtained a degree in technology dream of making a successful career in technology because of being a better earning source.

In the technological world, there is a high demand for technical talent and skilled people, so tech jobs have become popular and stylish. The average salary of a tech job is increasing day by day due to the enhanced demand for technical talent.

In 2020-2021, the annual salary for tech jobs exceeded $100,000. In the coming year 2023, it is estimated that this salary will reach close to $120,000. When it comes to making a career in technology, IT jobs are considered to be one of the highest-paying jobs in today’s workplace economy. This is in a field that is the center of attraction for tech job seekers worldwide.

If you are looking for a tech job and hoping for a better income source, you will need to search for high-paying jobs first, which can be a bit challenging. This is because there are numerous tech jobs available today in the world of tech. That is why to help you, we are presenting here the 7 highest paying tech jobs on the rise in 2023. Let’s start with the following:

7 Highest Paying Tech Jobs on the Rise in 2023

  1. Mobile Applications Developer

A mobile app developer develops apps for smartphones running several operating systems, including iOS, Windows, and Android. New software and smartphone technologies have transformed. These days, our communication with people, businesses, news & entertainment is done through apps.

Due to the broad acceptance of this cutting-edge medium by businesses, customers, programmers, etc., mobile app development has consequently emerged as one of the most lucrative and quickly growing tech jobs. In the USA, the average annual salary of a mobile application developer is $90.081.

  1. Product Manager

Product management is another highest-paying tech job in which a better career is possible. Nowadays, youngsters are getting inclined towards this job. A product manager’s job or responsibility is to deliver the product in a way that meets the commercial objectives and the customers’ needs. 

The product manager has a team that he leads. He reveals his strategies on how to develop the products, which the entire team implements. In the USA, the average annual salary of a product manager is $102,282.

  1. Cloud Architect

To build a career in technology, you can also consider a cloud architect job. There is opportunity in the field. A cloud architect’s job is to design the company’s cloud computing strategy.

A cloud architect is also in charge of overseeing and managing the organization’s cloud services on a regular basis. In the USA, the average annual salary of a cloud architect is $122,262.

  1. Software Engineering Manager

The software engineering manager is a stylish and responsible tech job. The job of a software engineering manager is to oversee the technical work of software engineers involved in the development and designing of software and mobile applications.

Suppose any shortcomings or mistakes are seen in their work. In that case, it is the software engineering manager’s responsibility to help them rectify that deficiency or mistake and lead them in the right direction. In the USA, the average annual salary of a software engineering manager is $154,875.

  1. Information Systems Security Manager

An information security manager has to guard against malicious hacker assaults, computer viruses, and security weaknesses on enterprise networks. When an organization’s information technology systems are interrupted as a result of this type of infiltration, crucial and highly secret data may be lost.

Neglecting the security of data can result in fines being levied on corporations, in addition to financial damage.

  1. Blockchain Engineer

One of the top-paying tech occupations is blockchain engineering. The creation and implementation of digital blockchains for technological businesses is the responsibility of blockchain engineers. If you’re interested in joining this job, you must have at least five years of experience working as a blockchain developer. In the USA, the average annual salary of a blockchain engineer is $98,931.

  1. IT Systems Security Manager

The role of an IT systems security manager is to safeguard the company’s information systems. While cybersecurity deals specifically with cyber threats, information security is concerned with defending data from all attacks. In the USA, the average annual salary of an IT systems security manager is $106,249.


All the above-noted tech jobs are in high demand, and there is an excellent opportunity to make a promising career that can improve your lifestyle. You can earn good money from these tech jobs. Choose any tech job you are skilled in, interested in, and comfortable with. These days, numerous people are living a better life through tech jobs.