As the prevalence of technology increases, no field of work remains unaffected. The world of art & design is no different. The amalgamation of technology with design and art is giving rise to some of the best-paying and high-demand career paths for individuals. Ranging from game designers to visual designers, several emerging careers can be found at the intersection of the tech and design worlds. 

Careers in design vary in terms of skills, salary, experience, etc. When you combine it with technology, it gives an entirely new realm with better opportunities. In this article, we will talk about the emerging careers in technology and design. Let’s begin. 

  1. Web Designer

A web designer, in simple words, is an individual who designs websites as per specifications offered by the client. Usually mistaken as a web developer, a web designer is slightly different. A web designer may not necessarily be responsible for the actual writing of code but has to present the precise design of the entire website using various programs. 

Many firms combine the roles of a web developer and web designer, which is where the intersection of technology and design becomes more apparent. Background knowledge of languages like HTML, PHP, and Java, along with graphic design, site mapping, and image editing, can help an individual be a successful web designer. 

Designers can always take up additional courses to learn more technical skills as it can enhance their portfolio immensely. Their skilled attention to detail, colors, and elements of art can lead to the design & development of highly user-friendly websites with a pleasant overall look and feel without compromising on functionality. 

  1. Exhibition designer

Today, exhibitions are run significantly through high-end technology. You can often find artificial intelligence and IoT solutions in exhibitions across the world. An exhibition designer combines their artistic talent with technical skills to design exquisite exhibitions with unique installations. 

What an exhibition designer does is putting up exhibitions of every scale through concept & schematic design, construction documentation, fabrication, and final installation. They work across several industries such as performing arts, business, visual arts, etc. As the global exhibition market is expected to reach USD 84.84 Billion by 2026, the scope of exhibition designers is also increasing rapidly. 

  1. Visual Designer

Visual designers cater to a number of design requirements for businesses, ranging from logos and brochures to product designs and advertisements. With the help of suitable tools, visual designers create appropriate ‘visuals’ for a firm. 

Along with technical skills like graphic designing, knowledge about marketing, sales, and art help visual designers excel in their field. They can work either as freelancers or full-time workers, as both forms pay well. 

  1. Animator and Multimedia Artist

Animation is the ultimate amalgamation of technology and design. As the global animation market size is expected to hit USD 642.5 Billion by 2030, the demand for animators and multimedia artists is increasing as well. 

Usually, animation and multimedia artist jobs require traditional designing skills in addition to the latest technical skills. A deep understanding of technology along with a skilled hand at designing is what leads an animator and multimedia artist to success. 

This emerging career offers a lot of opportunities for both full-time working as well as self-employment. Today you can witness the world gaining more and more interest in animated multimedia and entertainment sources, which is why this career field is gaining traction at an incredibly fast rate. With good talent in both design and technology, one can become a successful animator and multimedia artist. 

  1. Digital Game Designer

The global digital games market size is expected to reach USD 278 billion by 2026. So, it is evident how vast the digital gaming sphere is in today’s scenarios. Digital game designers are thus highly in-demand. 

A digital game designer designs digital games and partakes in activities like idea sketches, mechanics, and dynamics design. Coming up with new concepts and designing digital games compatible with multiple devices like gaming consoles, mobile phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, etc., can also be the part of a digital game designer’s job role. 

Being a digital game designer requires immense creativity, storytelling skills, and problem-solving skills, along with a firm grasp of the relevant technical skills. People can train themselves to be digital game designers by enrolling in appropriate courses. 

  1. Digital Product and Packaging Designer

Product and packaging design has always been a significant part of the design domain. However, with the growth of technology, it has found its intersection as a digital product and packaging design niche. 

Digital product and packaging designers are characterized by their attention to detail and an incredible selection of colors and layouts. Even if a product is physical, the way it is presented digitally makes all the difference in today’s world. 

A digital product and packaging designer must possess design skills, detailed knowledge of the latest trends & multimedia art, creativity, marketing & sales knowledge, typography skills, and a grasp of the relevant technical skills to use suitable programs. 


Today’s tech world significantly values good designers and artistic talent. With relevant technical skills, designers can find high-paying jobs in the field of technology and grow their careers exponentially. The job roles mentioned in this article are only six of the many emerging careers in technology and design. Several roles like UI/UX designers, mobile designers, chief creative officers, set designers, augmented reality designers, and many more are emerging in technology and design. Today’s world is all about technology and aesthetics. So, by developing the right skills, individuals can build successful careers in these fields.