The Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the transformation of numerous companies all across the world. As management and leaders had to change their business models entirely overnight by shifting them to a virtual setting, a whole new set of clientele showed up for managed services providers. 

In simple terms, adopting managed services means outsourcing the introduction and maintenance tasks of various functions and procedures so that overall business operations can be improved and expenses can be reduced. The demand for managed services was already increasing because of small and medium-level enterprises, as they leveraged these services to adopt new technologies cost-effectively so that they could maintain their edge in their respective competitive markets. However, post the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand skyrocketed as the majority of companies had to find out a way to conduct their business virtually in a cost-effective manner. As a result, the global managed services market was valued at USD 152.05 Billion in 2020 and is now expected to reach USD 274.20 Billion by 2026. 

The number of companies adopting managed services increased after the unfortunate pandemic struck the world because the managed services operating model has the ability to outline the path of transformation conveniently. There are several ways through which managed services can accelerate post coronavirus pandemic transformation of companies and businesses all around the world. Let’s see how. 

  • Managed services can free up leaders:

The pandemic made companies more flexible and open to new ideas. It made leaders realize that solving challenges in this unprecedented situation would require new, innovative solutions. As companies are moving forward, they require fresh ideas and investments to succeed. 

However, ever since the pandemic struck, leaders have been occupied with other critical tasks, such as optimization of procedures while managing the employees and ensuring the efficiency of all existing operations.

 By adopting managed services, the leaders will be free of all these tasks as managed service providers will take over them efficiently, freeing up the leaders to focus on brainstorming innovative solutions to solve challenges and execute recovery of losses. 

  • Managed services can help save costs:

There are two ways through which managed services can help businesses to save costs:

  • They can take over financial functions such as taxes, compliances and risks. This step saves businesses from massive fixed capital and upfront costs by allowing them to use it as a service on demand. 
  • They can provide domain-specific expertise to leaders about technological investments. This helps leaders to avoid any failed investments and opt for the right solutions effectively. 


  • Managed services can provide actionable insights and improve agility

For a successful transformation, actionable insights to develop an agile environment are necessary, as businesses can ensure it only when they have all the necessary data to take appropriate actions. By forming a flourishing partnership with trustworthy managed service providers, business leaders can:

  • Receive accurate data analytics for their required fields
  • Steer clever strategic modifications in their business models
  • Form new ecosystems to drive fast, efficient changes in their operations
  • Receive and implement actionable insights to succeed in the market

  • Managed services can help businesses to deal with market shifts effectively

The pandemic has brought uncertain times upon us. The market is shifting continuously, with the requirements and demands of customers changing frequently. Coping with these changes while focusing on the recovery of losses is extremely difficult for companies. 

Managed service providers can help companies to comply with the changing market needs efficiently while ensuring all government compliances and obligations are met. This will not only help leaders to gain confidence but will also ensure that they have ample time to focus their thoughts on formulating new, recovery-oriented, and innovation-focused solutions. 

Numerous companies were already opting for managed services to enhance their operations, but the Covid-19 pandemic made this move more essential. With digital transformation now being a necessity, adopting managed services has become a wise option. Managed services providers give organizations fast, cost-effective and technology-efficient solutions along with the required technical expertise to accelerate transformation. 

With managed services, business leaders have the fitting tools to execute their recovery plans, along with business resilience and agility to cope with the fluctuating economic and business scenarios that this ill-omened pandemic has brought upon us.