In terms of technology, the world has witnessed a quantum leap recently. Technologies available to us today are massively different from what was going on a decade ago, and the same can be expected for the future as well.

As the speed of development increases, it is safe to expect that futuristic technology inventions that can rule the world are also on the way. In this article, we will discuss a few technologies that can potentially change the world as we know it. Let’s begin. 

  1. Affective Artificial Intelligence or Affective Computing

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite some time now. In fact, most of us use it in our everyday lives in some way or the other. In the devices you use, chatbots you interact with, or virtual assistants you use, artificial intelligence is all around.

Affective artificial intelligence or affective computing is about taking the role of artificial intelligence one step further by involving emotions in the mix. With effective AI, algorithms would be able to detect an individual’s mood through facial expressions, writing styles, the way they speak, or through physiological factors like heartbeat patterns. Accordingly, the device may offer solutions in the form of products or services to improve the situation. Effective AI can be helpful in several scenarios, such as business meetings, work environments, health centers, and educational institutions.

  1. Connected Homes

Our homes have already been connected by artificial intelligence, as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Nest have become a part of several households across the globe. However, we can expect the said technology to grow and gain exponential customer value as functionalities are increased over time. Smart home technologies can take on many more multi-functional forms with advanced functionalities, such as detecting your time to wake up and accordingly helping you with your morning routines, automatically activating coffee makers, or adjusting room temperatures. 

  1. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is about computing operations that can harness the power of quantum mechanics, making the devices that perform quantum computations known as quantum computers. Quantum computers replace bits with qubits along with super imposable states, making them much faster and more efficient than a typical computer. 

Although the concept of quantum computing currently offers a few disadvantages, like loss of information, we can expect the technology to grow exponentially in the future and create major breakthroughs in different industries. 

  1. Genetic Predictions

Futuristic tech inventions have high computing power play a significant role. The same goes for genetic predictions, where high-power computers can be used for genome analysis and prediction of life-threatening conditions like heart diseases or cancer. Such DNA-based health predictions can change the face of public health by: 

  • Highlighting more potential cases and therefore enabling people to seek necessary aid beforehand
  • Reducing the instances of false alarms
  • Enhancing the treatment rate
  • Improving and popularizing personalized medicine
  • Reducing insurance premiums, etc. 

Although the rise of technology in healthcare has already begun, it can be expected to grow significantly in the years to come and change the way our healthcare systems work. 

  1. Edge Computing

Bringing data storage and computation closer to data sources, edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that can improve response times and save bandwidth and functions in a location-sensitive form. 

Allowing objects to process data at the edge of their ecosystem can introduce self-sufficiency into several industries like medicine, transport, or manufacturing, where split-second decisions are crucial. 

Edge computing is an essential example of collaborative intelligent things, where multiple devices work either independently or with human assistance by grouping computing powers together to achieve outstanding outcomes. Although such ideas may take time to be converted into a reality, their superiority that can transform the world significantly cannot be denied. 

  1. Micro-Chips and Human Augmentations

Microchips are made from molecular sensors that can analyze biological chemicals and elements for tracking biometrics in the medical industry. However, several other use cases of microchips have risen, whether it is in developing smart work-spaces or banking. Apart from healthcare, microchips can be significantly beneficial if the general public deems them trustworthy. Medical and personal data can be stored in them, making everyday life much more convenient than today.

The use of human augmentations or bionic limbs is also prevalent today. However, the quality and power of such limbs can be expected to grow in the future, especially as technology evolves and human augmentation solutions for formerly irreparable organs come into existence. 

  1. Green Tech

Green tech is a concept growing considerably in terms of popularity, with the global green technology and sustainability market is projected to reach USD 74.64 Billion by 2030. With the rise in environmental issues like global warming and resource shortages, the need for green tech is more crucial than ever.

Presently, green tech adoption costs are very high, making it harder for global adoption of green technologies. However, as technology advances, we can expect the technology to get adopted on a broader scale. 


Technology has the power to change the world. As our dependency on technology increases more and more, it is necessary to remind ourselves how technology is value-neutral, and it is what we do with it that defines how useful or harmful it is for the world. The quality of technology inventions has rapidly increased over the years, and more ways have been found about how it can assist us in making operations smoother. 

Technology inventions that can rule the world are many and certainly not limited to the ones mentioned in this article. However, we have highlighted some of the most impactful ones and how their benefits can enhance the quality of our lives. As the existing technologies improve our business and personal worlds, futuristic technological inventions possess even greater power to rule the world.