Maintaining good customer relations is essential to run a successful business. Every company, irrespective of the industry it functions in, requires a happy and satisfied clientele to succeed and earn profits in the long run. To ensure such healthy customer relationships, a number of tasks have to be carried out, such as:

  • Staying in constant touch with your customers
  • Getting regular feedbacks
  • Making customers feel welcome
  • Allowing them to state their opinions and concerns regarding their projects
  • Regular follow-ups
  • Including them in all decisions concerning their project
  • Making them feel included in their project’s processes, etc. 

Doing all of this effectively is a highly daunting task for sales reps and teams as it requires a lot of time, and management of all this data is an even bigger task. To tackle such concerns efficiently, companies adopt Customer Relationship Management software.

However, as more and more people are digitizing their businesses, they find it hard to choose the best options for their technological investments, especially the ones that directly affect their clientele. A popular choice of CRM software among businesses all around the world is Salesforce Lightning. 

Salesforce Lightning is an efficient platform that allows people to create applications to:

  • Provide engaging experiences to their clients
  • Solve business issues
  • Build applications without writing lines of code
  • Scale applications to a lot of customers 
  • Connect applications to CRM

There are a number of reasons why Salesforce Lightning is the right choice for organizations. Let’s take a look at them.

Sales Automation

Salesforce Lightning offers multiple features like Kanban View and Sales Path to help sales reps in managing the sales process effectively. 

Kanban View allows sales reps to manage their opportunities in the pipeline. Opportunities are displayed in a Kanban layout, and sales reps can monitor the progress of the opportunity. They can also drag and drop it to the next stage. As opportunities proceed through the pipeline, all changes are updated in real-time, and all calculations are done automatically. The Kanban View gives the sales reps an organized and simple view to view all opportunities and progress. 

Sales Path functions as a sales coach that displays each opportunity in the sales pipeline visually along with next step recommendations. It helps sales reps to:

  • Take actions quickly
  • Take accountability for their actions
  • Streamline their sales actions
  • Follow sales structures and protocols

Data Accessibility From Anywhere

Sales reps need the ability to act on opportunities irrespective of the location where they are at the moment to increase their sales productivity. With Salesforce Lightning, sales reps have the flexibility to access their accounts from both mobile and desktop devices, which enables them to act and follow up at any time and from anywhere. 

Increased Productivity

Salesforce Lightning has several features that facilitate increased productivity, such as chatter streams and duplicate preventions. Users can monitor updates of their team members by combining them into one stream with the help of the chatter streams feature. Also, it enables users to avoid duplicates in their databases by singling them out. 

Salesforce Lightning offers auto-fills and news/insights to its users as well. With these options, time consumed on filling up documentation reduces, and the sales reps are always updated with the latest news and insights relevant to their work.

All the above-mentioned features enable sales teams to work efficiently, save time and hence, increase their productivity.

Direct Voice Calls Within Sales Cloud

Salesforce Lightning has an amazing feature known as the Lightning Voice, which enables sales reps to connect to their customers via direct phone calls within the sales cloud. The feature comes in very handy because even while working from remote locations, sales reps can log calls and take notes simultaneously in the Sales Cloud. They even get the option of choosing numbers according to their territories. It helps sales reps to:

  • make these calls or receive them in context 
  • save time 
  • increase the accuracy of their work
  • maintain and update all data timely
  • increase productivity and efficiency

Lead to Cash Sales Platform

Quoting, discount approvals, collecting signatures, generating contracts are some of the most complicated tasks that sales reps have to do. They have to invest a lot of time and effort into these tasks because of their importance and complexity. Salesforce Lightning offers Salesforce CPQ, which enables sales reps to do all these complicated tasks easily and without exiting their CRM. Formerly known as Steelbrick CPQ, it is built entirely on Salesforce Lightning and allows sales reps to generate branded proposals as well. 

Leverage third-party applications or build your own apps

There are two significant features of Salesforce Lightning that make it very easy for users to build their own applications or leverage third-party apps:

  • Lightning Builder

Lightning Builder enables users to build apps without the help of professional developers. It has three forms of components:

  • Custom components
  • Salesforce’s pre-built components
  • Components from Lightning Exchange developed by partners

By leveraging the Lightning Builder feature, users can drag and drop their preferred components to develop desktop and mobile applications. They can also customize their app’s pages.

  • AppExchange Apps

Salesforce Lightning offers readily available third-party applications that have been pre-integrated and pre-vetted to work in Salesforce. With an ecosystem of over 5,000 ready-to-install solutions and 80,000 peer reviews, it can help users to solve any business challenges effectively. 

User Friendly UI

Salesforce Lightning has a very user-friendly user interface. Its UI features make it easy for users to navigate across the software and achieve optimum efficiency, such as: 

  • clear icons
  • easy to read text
  • clear graphics
  • clear visibility of metrics
  • updated dashboards

Having a user-friendly interface is essential to make sure that users adapt to the platform quickly. Salesforce Lightning’s UI fulfills this purpose properly. 

Salesforce Lightning offers multiple benefits and high-quality features to its users so that they can have access to efficient dashboards, analytical reports, flexible features, and convenient UI which they can leverage to build the best relationships with their customers. Having positive customer relationships is important to succeed in business, and Salesforce understands that. With the aim to provide excellent services to their users, the Salesforce team continually updates the Salesforce Lightning platform.