A company’s IT infrastructure management and support practices deal with the handling of key IT infrastructure elements which are essential for delivery of business services to clients. Some of these elements may include several software applications along with hardware, such as computers, the networking hardware and the facility itself.

Every business invests in its IT infrastructure and goes through a great ordeal to manage and support it properly. The effective maintenance of IT infrastructures is responsible for smooth functioning and upkeep of services that the businesses have to offer to their clients. 

However, there are several challenges that organizations face with their IT infrastructure maintenance and support. It is essential to deal with these challenges effectively so that all procedures go on smoothly. 

Let’s take a look at some of these challenges and see how they can be resolved:

1. Lack of Space and Power

One of the most significant challenges that the IT industry faces today is the lack of space and power for fast systems and supercomputers. Leaders are always in search of powerful computing platforms to help them process massive amounts of data and power computers to achieve faster speed of processes. 

Solution: By employing multi-core platforms, companies can resolve this challenge. It is imperative to ensure that the software is optimized for producing faster results and this can be made possible with the help of multi-core platforms or graphical processors.

2. Inefficient Partners

Most organizations believe in outsourcing their IT infrastructure management to technology partners who provide them with services to manage their infrastructure properly. However, inefficient third-party partners who don’t provide high quality services can lead to a lot of downtime and degradation of the company’s IT infrastructure. 

Solution: Setting up Service Level Agreements (SLA) with third-party technology partners is the solution to this challenge. It is imperative for companies to ensure that their technology partners provide superior quality of services at all times, especially since it involves a lot of monetary investment and puts the functioning of the company at stake. So, to ensure high level of services from technology partners, setting up service level agreements is an effective solution.

3. Data Losses

Important data can be lost along with loss of network speed when firewalls and switches/routers are tampered. While this will definitely hinder the process of online collaboration, loss of important data can lead to other significant issues as well.

Solution: Leaders must invest in high performance resources which provide massive data sets and security for safe online collaboration. By taking this step and employing a better strategy for storage of data, the challenge of data losses can be resolved.

4. Data Management

A significant challenge faced by leaders during IT infrastructure management and support is the lack of resources for managing massive amounts of data. The requirement of high speed computers to process data is common among most businesses, as technological investments imply that huge amounts of data will be generated. Hence, the challenge of managing this data and accelerating its processing is faced commonly by leaders and organizations all around the world. 

Solution: The solution to this challenge lies in distributive systems and grid computing. By dividing complex data into smaller components among different computers, leaders can manage data effectively and process it quickly.

5. Inaccurate Reporting

Most companies face the challenge of inaccurate reporting of the existing status of their IT infrastructure. In order to ensure that the best practices are being employed for effective IT infrastructure management and support, it is essential that the current status of the infrastructure is clear and accurate. However, with inaccurate reporting, all decisions related to the infrastructure management and further business decisions are impacted negatively.

Solution: Conducting regular reporting and analysis meetings is essential to ensure that inaccurate reporting doesn’t take place. Organizations can divide teams with managers to ensure that every aspect is being properly and thoroughly reported.  Employing tools to generate accurate reports and analysis at regular intervals can help as well. 

Management of IT infrastructures is a critical task that must be performed thoroughly, and the challenges faced by organizations with IT infrastructure management and support require focused attention. By employing the solutions suggested above, the challenges can be resolved properly. This will help organizations to ensure that their IT infrastructures always and function efficiently.