Candidates usually share the typical mindset of considering recruiters as the people they interact with in the initial stages of hiring procedures. People often consider recruiters as mere coordinators who get them connected to higher-level executives and help them secure a job. However, candidates fail to understand that recruiters are vital resources, and a healthy relationship with them can potentially benefit a lot.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons why you should keep in touch with your recruiter even if you have a job. Let’s begin.

  1. They can facilitate your career growth in times of need. 

The future can change at any time. If there’s one thing the last two years of the dreadful pandemic-struck world has taught us, it is the certainty of uncertainty. You never know when your current situation can change. If you keep in touch with your recruiter, you can avail new opportunities to accelerate your career growth in times of need.

In case your company downsizes, you get the opportunity to streamline your job search and immediately grab new opportunities by maintaining a healthy relationship with your recruiter.

  1. Internal corporate recruiters can help you connect with their new employers. 

Just like you, recruiters also move on to new employers. If your recruiter becomes an internal corporate recruiter at a new firm, they can help you connect easily if you’re open to new opportunities.

Internal corporate recruiters are always looking for qualified talent to fill vacancies efficiently. If you share a good relationship with your recruiter, they can help you connect to their new employers in case new and relevant opportunities pop up.

  1. Top talent is always in high demand. 

Every industry across the world consistently looks for top talent. There is a shortage of qualified professionals to fill specific roles in almost every organization. Keeping in touch with your recruiter can help you capitalize on this need.

Even if you have a fantastic job with caring employers, there is the possibility of a job role out there that fits you better. Staying in touch with your recruiter can help you avail such opportunities for more career growth. You can have access to a myriad of new job opportunities that can help you to enhance your current skills and be a part of something bigger.

  1. It helps you widen your network.

Although stating the obvious, you should know that recruiters know other recruiters. So, even if your recruiter does not have any new opportunities in hand right now, they can connect you with other recruiters who may have the right offer for you. Apart from the purpose of accessing the latest offers, you can make new connections and expand your network for the future.

The concept of networking plays a crucial role in today’s business environment. The more people you have in your network, the better access you have to new opportunities.

  1. You build a solid relationship with mutual trust.

When you keep in touch with your recruiter, even if you have a job, you build a solid relationship with mutual trust. This makes it easier for you to navigate your way through the cutthroat competition in today’s market and even help out deserving friends. A solid relationship built on mutual trust makes your referrals trustworthy.

Moreover, many organizations offer referral bonuses. If your company is one of them, you can have the additional advantage of the bonus as your referral will be promoted ahead by the recruiter without any doubts.

  1. They can help you move internally. 

It is a known and kind of obvious fact that recruiters have unique insights into all internal needs. They know all about the vacancies in different departments and are on the lookout to fill those spaces with qualified and relevant candidates quickly.

If you wish to move internally within your organization, you can speak to your recruiter. If you’ve kept in touch with them and consequently built a solid relationship based on mutual trust, you can expect your request to be considered seriously. If you’re a qualified candidate, the recruiter can give your proposal a much-needed push.

Even if you don’t know the role you wish to move to, you can let your recruiter know that you’re open to other internal opportunities. This way, you’ll constantly be updated about the latest openings in your organization and accordingly decide if you wish to pursue an opportunity.

  1. They’re aware of rising pay scales and can help you negotiate better offers. 

Whether you plan to move internally or externally, negotiating for a better offer can always help boost your career. The good thing about having a solid relationship with your recruiter is knowing the current pay scales. Recruiters know your worth, and they also know how much you can make if you grab the right opportunity.

Keeping in touch with your recruiter helps you stay updated about the ongoing pay scales for your skill sets. Accordingly, you can negotiate your packages with your existing employer or with a potential employer. Either way, you can access higher-paying opportunities that are worth your time and effort.


The benefits of keeping in touch with your recruiter even if you have a job are invaluable. You can access excellent opportunities that may be hard for you to grab otherwise. Also, it helps you become more aware of the ongoings in your industry. The points mentioned in this article clearly explain why you must keep in touch with your recruiter.